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About Heathy Spa

“ is the therapy for the body, the mind and the spirit!”

This is one of the most known quotes that tell about the benefits of massage in a brief and beautiful manner. Out of all the types of massage therapies, Swedish massage therapy is one of the best known types of massage in the West. It is a type of therapeutic massage which helps you relax to your best.

If you have been wondering, whether there is a real good Body massage Center in CRP square Bhubaneswar, then let you be known that Raindrop wellness spa is one of the best place you can visit for some relaxing time with this wonderful type therapeutic massage known as Swedish massage. The wellness spa has experienced and skilled therapists, who provide you with the best of muscle relaxation, bring you relief from chronic muscle pain and provide you some real stress-free time of satisfaction.

Our, Body Massage Center in CRP Square Bhubaneswar is located in the heart of the Bhubaneswar city. This is the most convenient place to reach for anyone looking for a Body massage center in Jaydevvihar Bhubaneswar, Body massage center in Acharyavihar Bhubaneswar, or a Body Massage Center in Fire station Bhubaneswar or a Body Massage Center in Vanivihar Bhubaneswar.

How is Swedish Massage therapy performed?

After consulting with the therapist in our wellness spa; you will be instructed to lie on the table; may be keeping your face up or face down and underneath a towel or a sheet. Once you are ready for the massage, the therapist begins with his/her style of massage. The therapist uncovers only the part of the body she or he is working on; a technique known as draping.

In the Swedish massage we, at our Body Massage Center in CRP square Bhubaneswar, have our therapists who lubricate your skin with massage oil and then perform various massage strokes. These massage strokes or the hand movements on your skin warm up the muscle tissue; thus releases tension from your muscle and gradually breaks up any muscle �knots� or adhered tissue called muscle tissue adhesions.

Usually your massage starts by you lying with face down and your head in a U-shaped face cradle so as to keep your spine neutral while the massage goes on. The massage generally starts from your back where the therapist uses several types of massage strokes including effleurage, kneading, stretching, friction, tapping etc. Once your back is finished, the therapist goes for the massage strokes on the back of your legs.

Once your back side is done with the massage, the therapists asks you to turn onto your back and scoot down and she/he quickly covers you with the towel or the sheet. Then the therapist massages your front side of each leg, arms and generally ends up by massaging your neck and shoulders.

What our therapist would let you know before you opt for Swedish Massage therapy?

Being known to natural healing processes like massage therapy techniques; our therapists would provide you with detail information about the entire procedure and also ask you about some of the requisites from you so as to keep you safe and provide you with the best of the massage strokes while the massage.

Below are some of the things our therapist would want to know from you before performing the Swedish massage on you.

  • The therapist would ask you about any injuries or any other illness or diseased conditions if you have.
  • You need to inform about the places or the areas of tightness or pain you have.
  • Our therapists would also want you to tell them about any kind of allergies if you generally have.
  • In case of pregnancy; you need to inform our therapist about your pregnant conditions.
  • You can tell the massage therapist if you have any preference for light or firm pressure while massaging. What benefits you get from the Swedish Massage therapy? Swedish massage is known to have some wonderful health benefits. Some of the most known benefits of Swedish therapy include the following
  • You get relief from tense muscles. The gentle and loving touch of the therapists would help you promote muscle relaxation
  • Swedish massage technique also aids you in improving body�s immunity by moving lymph fluids and releasing the body�s natural feel good hormones that aid you in healing quickly.
  • Even a single session of Swedish massage done by skilled and experienced massage therapists can help you reduce the production of stress hormone or cortisol and improves your relaxation of mind and nervous system. So, now that we have mentioned about the process of Swedish therapy, and also made you aware of the benefits of the therapy

if you are someone looking for a real stress-free time and want to relax your muscle pain, mind, and spirit in whole; then all you need is reach us at our Body massage center in CRP Bhubaneswar and experience the best of physical and mental health benefits of a healing touch.

Our Raindrop wellness spa is easily reachable and anyone who is searching for a good Body massage center in nayapalli Bhubaneswar, Body Massage Center in Khandagiri Bhubaneswar, or in Fire Station, Jayadev Vihar, Acharya Vihar, Vani Vihar, or in CRP, Bhubaneswar; can come down to the spa for experiencing the Swedish massage therapy with affordable prices

A quiet leafy lane in the heart of the city leads you to a life spring of goodness and allows you time for body & soul

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